1. What is exactly that you do?

We do architectural studies, as well as the coordination of the rest of supporting studies, the project management and the construction of new buildings and redevelopment of existing ones.

2. Are you civil engineers or architects?

We are Architects, that is engineers specialised in building projects. We combine technical and financial knowledge together with design concept.

3. Why do I need an architect?

Because the architect is the one that can conceive a building in its entirety (visually, technically, functionally and financially).

4. I am thinking of making a new construction. When should I contact the architects?

The sooner the better. It should be before even the purchase of land so that the legal and technical potential of erecting the exact building we want, can be thoroughly examined.

5. How should I make my building?

Discussion of your needs and wishes will set out our brief. This architectural agenda will end up on a design project that would be approved by you in all design aspects.

6. Do you support building permits' procedures?

Yes. We submit the drawings and documents necessary for the authorities and we follow the whole process to the final permit.

7. How long does it take for a building permit to be issued?

It takes 3 to 12 months, depending on the prerequisite certificates and approvals required for the submition of the file to the urban planning authority (e.g. forest authority approval, environmental consequences research , archaeological authorities' licence etc).

8. How fast can the construction be finished?

It takes 9 to 18 months from the beginning of construction, depending on the size and the complexity of the project.

9. How much will it cost?

A liable cost estimation can be composed after the completion of the preliminary study.

10. What will be the maintenance cost of the building?

The higher the quality of the design study gets the lower the maintenance and the operational costs of a building become. Our aim is to bring these costs down to almost zero.

11. Had you imagined the construction would look like this?

YES. We are able to imagine the final result from the very early stage of preliminary drawings.

12. What is project management?

It is the coordinating service of all the factors involved (engineers-contractors-proprietors) so that the project should be completed in the agreed time, budget and quality of construction.

13. What differentiates project management from the supervision of the project?

The project's technical supervision, is the occasional inspection of the construction in order to control the fulfilment of technical and legal obligations of the building permit. The project management is the constant control of the construction progress and the supervision of all factors, aiming the technical efficiency of the project.

14. When is project management needed?

In projects of high cost and complexity and in 'turn key' constructions.

15. When is a 'turn key' construction recommended?

In complex design projects.

16. Isn't the "cost plus" cheaper that 'turn key' construction?

"Cost plus" construction is advisable in small private houses under the engineer's supervision. Construction under the owner's supervision always ends up much more expensive, time devouring and much more tiresome than any other method.

17. Will I be troubled from the workers while I renovate my house?

As long as there's efficient coordination and planning, from the engineer (project manager or contractor), the discomfort within the living areas of your house or office is limited to minimum.

18. Have you got your own special workers?

Certainly. We have experienced crews for every construction stage.

19. Do architects make factories and logistic centers?

Architects are the only trained engineers able to study all kinds and aspects of design projects, including buildings such as factories and logistic centers.

20. Why should I employ an architect for a simple industrial construction?

It is the only way to get the most suitable and most financially efficient design project, reflecting your needs of present function and future development.

21. Does the factory become more expensive when an architect intervenes?

NO. It becomes more functional, technically adequate and aesthetically better within the set budget limits.

22. Can every architect design factories?

Based on their studies diploma, yes. But specialised experience guarantees a greater understanding of the subject and better cooperation of the parties involved.

23. Why shouldn't I go directly to the factory's constructor?

It is not advisable for the same person to be the contractor (supervised) as well as the project manager (supervisor), of one's building.

24. How expensive are the sound insulation constructions?

When the sound insulation design is embedded in the architectural design,the sound insulation construction works are done together with the structure of the building within reasonable budget similar to typical constructions.When sound insulation takes place after the completion of the works then it is a different project with added cost of study and construction.

25. I want to build a factory. Do I have to deal with noise?

YES. In order to avoid legal problems with disturbed neighbours or with your staff.

26. I want to build a bar in a populated area. When should I do something about sound insulation?

From the very beginning. When the sound insulation works are done in the initial phases of the construction or renovation of the establishment, they complement the standard works. Thus excellent results are accomplished, acoustic and decorative, with minimum investment cost.

27. In a café, is it possible for customers' discussions and music to coexist with clarity and in low volume?

YES. The correct placement of sound-absorbing and sound-reflecting materials in chosen surfaces can offer high acoustic comfort.

28. In my restaurant my clients shout at one another so that they can be heard over the background noise. Can something be done?

Sound-absorbing materials should be placed on chosen surfaces. Those constructions can be combined with decorations and take place at any chosen time in any establishment.

29. Why should I do a sound insulation study, since the workers told me that with a few boards and rockwool I won't hear a thing?

A specialist in sound insulation can diagnose the problem and specify a treatment. Such a complex matter as acoustics and sound management, CANNOT be faced with the knowledge of simple technicians.

30. My son plays his music too loud. What can I do to avoid the racket?

A special sound insulation construction is due, to "attack" the noise right at the original source.

31. How expensive are the sustainable building systems?

When the sustainable building systems are initially issued in the architectural study, then the works are part of the construction and do not carry added costs. When the sustainable works are done after the conclusion of the buildings construction, then they are part of a new project, with added costs of study and construction. In any case, these expenses are depreciated in the first years of the building's life, due to lower costs of fuel and electricity.

32. Can I have a low consumption rate in heating oil?

With the right choice of sustainable building systems, we can succeed very low energy and money consumption.

33. How can I have low carbon emissions in my house?

First we make a list of high carbon emission points on your specific building and then we suggest solutions.