1+1 Architectures office

What is unique about us:

  • The combination of great aesthetic architectural design, special technical knowledge (sound, eco building), as well as high conception of finance and management.

This site concerns you:

  • Because building must be an act of creation and joy, away from workers' and authorities' problems.
  • Because you should obtain the building you dream of, without taking time of your work.
  • Because every building, aside being functional, should have identity, architectural status and additional aesthetic value.

You should contact us immediately:

  • To save time!
  • To avoid getting into a labyrinth of procedures, you are unaware of, on your own. Let us help your program and work together all the actions needed.
  • Get our help even since the preliminary stage of choosing plot of land, the form of building or the budget that suits your needs.

Contact us:

  • To discuss your plans.
  • To discuss about things you might have forgotten.
  • To plan and organize the future actions together.