Industry-Logistics:A+G PAPER Project:New factory and logistics centre at Kryoneri, Attikα Client: A&G Paper S.A.
  • Harmonic combination of function, energy saving methods and aesthetics
  • Government award for the energy saving systems.
Industry-Logistics:IRIS - Koropi Project: New factory and warehouse at Koropi, Attika Client: IRIS PRINTING S.A.
  • Optimum relation between time, cost and quality of construction
  • Installation of heavy machinery and beginning of production 3 months before the completion of construction
Industry-Logistics:ARGOS – Koropi Project: New factory and logistics’ centre at Koropi, Attika Client: ARGOS S.A.
  • The construction of the building's extension took place without the slightest delay of the factory's production (phase 2)
Industry-Logistics:DINEV TSS - Sofia Project: Logistics center at Sofia Bulgaria Client: DINEV TSS Ltd.
  • Successful adjustment of energy saving systems in the architectural design.
  • Drastic reduction of air conditioning and heating expenses.
Industry-Logistics:K+N Efthymiades – Markopoulo Project: New factory with laboratories and logistics center at Markopoulo, Attika Client: K+N Efthymiades S.A.
  • Successful coexistence of two companies of the group, each one posing different demands.
Industry-Logistics:IRIS – Enofyta Project: New factory and logistics centre at Enofyta, Viotia Client: IRIS PRINTING S.A.
  • Optimum relation of time, cost and quality of the construction.
  • Installation of printing machines and beginning of production while the construction works were still in process.


Residence:Ekali Project: New detached house Location: Ekali Attika
  • In the future the house can be divided into two identical houses, as it was initially the client's demand
Residence:Kifissia 1 Project: Redevelopment and extension of existing house into a block of three flats Location: Kifissia
  • Refurbishment and upgrading of the old house
  • Division of the project into two phases so that part of the building should always be inhabited during construction.
Residence:Kifissia 2 Project: Listed house refurbishment and erection of new residential buildings Location: Kifissia
  • Successful combination of the old house and the new building's aesthetic outcome
Residence:Rafina Project: New villa with swimming pool Location: Rafina
  • Absolute respect of the environment
  • Harmonious interaction of the interior and exterior living space
Residence:P.Penteli Project: New detached house with swimming pool Location: P.Penteli
  • Successful application of modern energy saving design and technology
  • Minimalisation of heating and air conditioning costs


Work Spaces:DOL Project: Multi-storey office building Client: LAMBRAKIS PRESS S.A.
  • Optimum relation of time, cost and quality of the construction
  • Redevelopment of the existing building to meet the company’s present functional needs
Work Spaces:RUBY TUESDAY Project: RUBY TUESDAY Restaurants Client: P+D Ltd
  • Construction of a pilot branch that meets the international specifications in the preset time and budget.
Work Spaces:VENCIA Project: Vencia Boutique Hotel (4* Stars)-Myconos Client: Maroulina Michael
  • Optimum relation of time, cost and quality of construction.
  • Successful embedding of the building in the traditional scenery of Mykonos island.
Work Spaces:A+G Paper - Περίπτερο Project: Exhibition kiosk Client: A&G Paper S.A.
  • Increased visit rates
  • The design matches successfully with the marketing goals of the company
Work Spaces:OPAP Project: Acoustic applications in the T.V. studio and the auditorium Client: O.P.A.P. S.A.
  • The construction met the high acoustic standards of the project, and that was proven by special tests and certificates.
Work Spaces:ΟΤΕ Project: Ote-Shop Client: OTE S.A.
  • Completion of the project with accuracy on time planning, cost estimation and quality of construction.


Cultural:Schinias Park Project: Bird watchers’ towers at the National Park of Schinias, Marathonas Conveyor: FO.DE.PA.S.M.
  • Harmonious embedding of the pods in the landscape of the park.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Successful supporting portfolio for the funding of the project by the European Union.
Cultural:Creta Farm Project: Chapel Conveyor: Creta Farm S.A.
  • Successful embedding of the chapel in the industrial site
Cultural:St. Nicolas Project: Anti seismic steel construction Conveyor: Holy Church of St.Nicolas
  • The steel construction was placed in the inside of the church without disrupting the daily mass, without using any mechanical means and without causing the slightest damage to the building
Cultural:Μουσείον της Πόλεως των Αθηνών Project: Museum's upgrading constructions Conveyor: Museum of the City of Athens
  • Renovation and upgrading of the museum's spaces
  • Improvement of the visitors' access
  • Successful supporting portfolio for the funding of the project by the 3rd European Business Plan: "CIVILISATION"